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Teleported frequently asked questions

Have questions?  A few of the more common questions are listed below to make life easy for you.  But if these don’t get you what you need send an email or feel free to call our hotline on 1300 50 44 69

  • VR Tours

The amount of time required to properly scan a home or commercial building can vary greatly.  The biggest factor is the size of the property.  As a general guideline plan on about 1 hour.  But many large homes and commercial or retail buildings can take longer for scanning.  The time required for your VR tour shoot can be discussed at the time you book it.

Ideally, for day time tours  2-3 days notice should be provided in order to get your preferred date and time.  We can occasionally accommodate last minute requests, but it is best not to rely on that. The more notice you can provide the better.

We can accept payment by, EFT (electronic funds transfer right from your bank account), Credit Card and Cash.

The neater and cleaner your home or business is, the better it will scan.  Always start with a good cleaning.